Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wuss .. Aprilia RS125 Racing Wear

Warta Kota / mirmo Saptono

Sentul, Warta Kota

Aprilia RS 125 motor racing entered the Indonesian market. Thus fans of motor sport, or who want to seriously menekui world motor racing, Aprilia one answer.

Good design, machinery, and other devices, the motor is the same used for the Moto GP race International. If there is any difference, it is only on the four components that are replaced.

Aprilia motorcycles are distributed by PT Sentra Creative Commerce (SKN) and CBU condition from the factory in Italy. "Motor sport is indeed not for the street like in the Mother City. From design, equipment, until the machinery for the international race," said Director of SKN, Nugroho Tjandrakusuma, told reporters at the Sentul Circuit, Bogor, on Thursday (2 / 4).

"We hope that Aprilia's presence can provide satisfaction to fans of racing. Addition of five or ten years is expected to be born racer Indonesia at international level," said Nugroho.

Aprilia RS 125 specifications with two engines that can not be marketed in Indonesia, only slightly different than the four components used for racing.

Four components are muffler, main jet, pilot jet, and the gear sprocket. Used for general exhaust is the exhaust that uses filters. "If you want to replace the four components used for racing, spare parts are ready," said the mechanics of the PT SKN.

Aprilia RS 125 is well received in the European market for motor sport category. Using two machines with no type single cylinder six-speed, claimed to be able to drive to reach 200 km / hr. "Round the engine over 10,000 rpm," said Nugroho.

Besides Aprilia RS 125, PT SKN also present skutik Aprilia Scarabeo 200, manufactured in Thailand. "In addition to great strength, 180 CC, Scarabeo is in accordance with road conditions in Indonesia because it uses wheels with a diameter greater than skutik generally," said Nugroho.

"Design Scarabeo is a classic form specifically for the commuter. Different from the RS 125 that his performance specifically for sports," said Gianluca Lozzi, Aprilia Area Sales Manager Asia Pacific.

Nugroho explains Aprilia RS 125 target market is young people who love motor racing. Aprilia Scarabeo While the target market is a daily driver and commuter. "And this is perfect for bikers because Scarabeo more characteristic to the motor, not a scooter," he said.

Regarding spare parts, PT SKN asserted was preparing parts for the two products. "The Mechanic also been prepared of all Piaggio showroom in Indonesia. This one-year product warranty, and we have prepared services for motors pickup when there are problems on the road," said Nugroho.

Aprilia sales target is not too much. PT SKN target sales figures Aprilia RS 125 is 50 units per year. Aprilia Scarabeo While sales target of 75 units per year. Just be advised, prices on the road Aprilia RS 125 for USD 99 million and the price on the road Aprilia Scarabeo amounting to Rp 52 million. (Mirmo Saptono)

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