Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Yamaha YZF R7 ... buy direct race!

Produced just 500 units, is it Genuine Motor Racing mate!

This capacity of 750cc motorcycle - inline 4-cylinder. When asked about the performance of the three choices, the first setting is 107 hp (minimum) two settings are 140 hp and settings are ready to race 162 hp. Moreover, this bike weighs 162 kg aliases exactly match the minimum weight capacity of 750cc motorcycles WSBK. With a combination of Power + weight no motor that has a ratio - weight can like it until the year 2008, aka 1 decade later other manufacturers can match the record, which is released when the Ducati 1098R. It's just because of the bureaucracy and security reasons as a means of public transportation is a great motor that was mounted restriktor force capable of producing only 125 hp. A vain vanity of a masterpiece, this Yamaha.

Lightweight and very versatile Track Oriented!

The weight of 162 pounds just does not come easily, R7 is an alias motorcycle seat singgle there is no place for boncenger, lamps designed removable motor (remember this motor age was 10 years lho) and equipped with Ohlins suspension. If interested in this bike's hand in marriage, can too! because it was 2-3 motor units were milling in the area Jabotabek kinclong conditions and maintained, if lucky and the owner may be allowed this masterpiece can be yours!

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