Tuesday, September 15, 2009

One of the contestants in the Honda auto contest held on September 12th and 13th yesterday was a classic motorcycles that Honda cb100 rebuilt race motor imitation in 70s era. Try to notice the gas tank design is angled at the back of the knee where the refuge, is one of motor racing style features in the era of 70s.

Pilhan white natural color shades are thick with racing motor_cb100-70s year 2apalagi stripping plus 2 accent colors look sweet but powerful. Use a sturdy legs legs capital Battlax tires the front and the stern, aluminum rim with a wide footprint and increase the suspension's mighty thunder bike geeks view this one.

Upright machine with a water cooled 100cc assisted by karbu Keihin as gasoline supplier has also upgraded the engine, exhaust still rely on the original model cb to keep the look classic, but it was through reforms in the filter it to get a good torque at low to medium rev. In order to fire the spark plugs on each digeber stable rpm spin the ignition system also get a touch in a way upgrade from platinum to the CDI system.

motor_cb100-3Puas with engine performance, to maintain the safety of the braking system participated by installing a set of updated copotan DiscBrake of motor sport aprilia. So let any digeber sekenceng tetep confident riding for secured motorcycle brake lever to stop so withdrawn.

This single-seater motor shockabsorber type of gas used to maintain comfort and stability of motorcycles, chrome accents and a very harmonious doff wing logo plus the legendary Honda wings perched on the gas tank. This hooded round lights seems a bit odd, maybe it would be better if replaced with a model that is the trend now models such as asymmetric lighting has the latest tiger bro ... just a suggestion .. let more suangar seen from the front. Salam bikers ..