Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Motor Racing Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo in Yamaha Stan

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com - For PT Yamaha Motor Kencana Indonesia (YMKI), the annual international auto show 2009 more IIMS image building than selling. As stated by Supervisor Promotion YMKI, Indra Dwi Sunda.

For that, two motor racing team mainstay Fiat Yamaha Valentino Rossi and Lorenzo Jeorge presented at the biggest automotive exhibition stands in Indonesia. Two Yamaha M1 unit is deliberately shown to enhance the impression that sport has always sounded a tuning fork bearing the brand is.

Indra Dwi Sunda explained, the institute tried to show the motors and high-tech sporty. "The motor is a champion in the MotoGP race last year. Although we do not show the riders (Valentino Rossi and Lorenzo Jeorge), the presence of M1 may indicate As with Yamaha world champion," he said when met Kompas.com, Saturday (25 / 7).

From observation, the showroom PT YMKI as the brand holder sole agents (ATPM) Yamaha motors including standard. Invisible spectacular design.

To force the display unit, YMKI still rely on their skutik variants, Nouvo, Mio, and Mio Soul. There was also a sporty class, Jupiter, Jupiter MX, Vega R, and Vixion.

Although not sold, to enhance the sports image and display technology, bringing ATPM Fiat Yamaha R1 series, V Max, and T Max.