Saturday, May 16, 2009

Yamaha R6

First time to see, was silent a moment. Are Yamaha R6 variants have been released or evo edition is the only engineering by photoshop? Apparently not! This is the latest variant Yamaha Europe division rival for the Honda CBR 125 R. Light sport variant Pasalanya Honda is a miniature of the Honda CBR 600RR. There is no one to make the Yamaha tactical thinking and quick to make, as with the CBR 125 R YZF 125R Variant launch a more "wow" from the Honda CBR 125 R

A replica that is not half-half

Design Yamaha YZF 125R is extraordinary captivating. Pasalanya concept is different from the motor Honda CBR 125, the pickup is designed so that only "like" Honda CBR 600RR. YZF 125R is designed so that consumers can have a taste sensation and motor drive 600cc motorcycle supersport plant with a very affordable price. This is because almost all the features of the yamaha YZF R6 also found in the YZF 125R. Start from the fairing design and a stern 99% similar, the riding position also sami mawon to exhaust has become a mini typical YZF R6 was also found in this motor. Oh yes Speedo meter and all kinds of indicators that are on the YZF R6 motor in there is also this lo! :-D


Appearance , Performance also Sangar

Engine 4 is not berpendingin with a 125cc water and this energy is able to produce 15 hp at 9000 rpm. With sasis deltabox pure and support a pair of Brembo brake can guarantee the security of driver time to enjoy the ride "miniature" YZF R6 this. If such features are still less abundant, can change the future Suspensi be upside down so that the front legs look more sturdy. Exactly as YZR R6 stern YZF 125R has spakbor and taillight separate body from the back of the motor. Use when in use in motor circuits where spakbor be forced to look back motor still does not seem clean and kopong albeit viewed from the back though.

If you see the market situation at this time, the public interest, especially akan akan murin motor sport and is quite charming when YMKI opportunities should go YZF 125R is quite large. Given the motor is almost a bit does not have weaknesses. Especially when compared with the lack of competitors such as CBR 150 (not supported ATPM sized and slightly too small) or absolute weakness Ninja zx 150, namely: (no motorized two and extravagant bbm) should be immediately released YMKI motor YZF 125R to this market indonesia. YZF 125R Had this price range is between 25-30 million guaranteed is a lot of consumers and CBR 150 Kawasaki Ninja switch to miniature motor R6 this

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