Saturday, May 23, 2009

Minerva engine-Sachs Megelli 250 from Thailand

The feeling is I want to know from which 250 cc engine in the dicantolkan cage Megelli from the UK. Trust in the machine Tigermotor Thailand to be developed and produced. Tigermotor Thailand during this engine produces 135 cc and 250 cc. 250 cc engine that is used for motorcycle brand Tiger.
In addition to producing their own motorcycle, and also produces Tigermotor up MadAss Sachs KikAss 125 and 125. Tigermotor also produces commercial motor tricycle and bicycle electric motor.

And if Tiger 250 engine was installed in 250 Minerva? According to Piti Manomaiphibul, President Tigermotorcycle Thailand, the second engine motor is different. "What this (Minerva 250) better," he said when talking to me on the sidelines of the launch of Minerva Sachs 250, at the Sultan Hotel, on Tuesday (28 / 4).
What has been tested durabilitinya ask me? In general Piti said here:

"We only develop the engine. Overall test is not that we do. Because this engine is installed on a new model Megelli. But I see good enough. "

Hartmun Huhn, Director of Bikes Sachs, in the same event, affirm, machine made Tigermotor Thailand is the company's global strategy. I think this is related to the efficiency of production. As usual automotive manufacturer such as GM, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Toyota, Honda, and so forth.

Soalnya, Huhn said, in the midst of this crisis situation in the European motorcycle market declined to 30 percent. "We see the motorcycle market in Indonesia, large growth. Cooperation with the Minerva akan expand our market, "said Huhn.


Although developed in Thailand, the assembly is done in Indonesia. "All the production processes carried out in Indonesia," Kristianto Goenadi firm, President Director of PT Minerva Motor Indonesia (MMI) in the same place. Per local, Kristianto continue, reaching 15 percent. "That is why the selling price in Indonesia is cheaper than in other countries."

Minerva 250 market MMI S (naked bike) at Rp 25.9 million, while type M 250 (SuperMoto) sold Rp 26.9 million, and the types of sport fairing (250 R) diniagakan Rp 28.9 million. All prices on the road Jakarta.


How chance the third model in the market this country? Bro Stephen Langitan, biker blogger that I met on the sidelines of the launch are confident that the prices reasonable dipatok MMI. "I believe with the price and demand model such as this," said Stephen.

How the framework of the sector with the brand Megelli it?

The explanation came from Simon Brown, Director of Global Sales Megelli, Ltd, UK. "Since our initial design for the motor can be marketed around the world. Megelli order can be a variety of engine sizes. From 50 cc to 250 cc. Only need to adjust the placement, "said Brown.


So, this is the hybrid motor three nations: India, UK, and Germany. You select which?