Saturday, August 14, 2010

modifikasi motor rxz drag extreme

motor balap for modifikasi motor Drag race yamaha rx-z . the yamaha motorcycle product the variant of yamaha rx king. with extreme motor treatment modify.
for a dragrace event the body change tobe more thin, so can increase the motor speed.
modif motor yamaha rxzGambar modifikasi yamaha RX-Z surabaya. with red paint airbrush make the motor more extreme and show the strong power.
modifikasi motor yamaha rxz dragmodel 135 cc engine

modifikasi motor yamaha motor rxzfoto modifikasi motor rxz drag extreme
modifikasi motor yamaha rxzairbrush art painting make the motor tank more extreme
gambar modifikasi motor rxz type drag extreme
modif motor drag yamaha rxzmodif motor yamaha rxz modifikasi
motor yamaha rxz modifikasifront cakram brake make safety riding the speed racer
modif yamaha rxz modifikasi

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