Thursday, August 26, 2010

Can Moge Free Playboy Model

HOLLYWOOD-Beautiful, young, attractive and sexy, would have to be the main capital of all women who want to elect to be a model adult men's magazines, Playboy.

But if getting a degree as "Playmate of the Year" as well as win prizes S1000RR BMW motor sport, probably could only happen to one woman.

Sexy girls who are lucky it is Hope Dworaczyk, who this month has just elected a "Playmate of the Year" at the same time are entitled to a prize of motor gede (moge) 1000 cc engine is.

"He has not only become increasingly popular and wallow in money but also has a Superbike BMW!" Motorcyclenews wrote, as quoted okezone, Saturday (05/29/2010).

Women kelahitan Texas 25 years ago it was also once the first time Playboy model who was given a motorbike not a car after the election of Playmate of the Year lasts for 45 times.

If Playboy model who ride motorcycles, about whom you are going to be a passenger?

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