Thursday, June 10, 2010

32 Sexy Gils and Hot Celebrity ML with Ariel Peterpan

Blessed with handsome faces, famous and became frontman of the top, making Ariel often become easy targets, especially gossip about his love story with several women. In spite of being a widower status of one child, but the figure of Ariel is still hypnotizing women included among the celebrities to just hang out. Ariel was like a rock star who could never escape the shadow of beautiful women. Here are some celebrities who had been reportedly close to him.

Beautiful artist born Denpasar, Bali, August 26, 1983 was also established close links with Ariel Ariel before marrying Sarah Amalia. Ariel Luna acquainted with the new telephone and met at the MTV event in Ancol, Jakarta. Since then their relationship closer, and Luna himself has admitted his interest in Ariel. Proximity Luna and re-established after Ariel Ariel status widower and Luna had also started to adapt to the daughter of Ariel, Alleia Anata. Although Luna is very close to his personal problems, but their proximity to Ariel often dragged him back romance rumors surrounding Ariel sloping with many women.

Ariel closeness to the model, a sitcom actress and presenter, Cut Tari during this never smelled the public, but the sex video that circulated Tuesday (08/06/10) with players like this they both returned raises speculation whether there is a closeness between them? Media infotainment screen was linked ngaitkan household gossip cracks of Cut Tari and her husband Joseph in 2007 Subrata ago that caused a third person. Whether true or not, we should not speculate without evidence and facts accurate.

This lovely presenters also briefly rumored to establish the love with Ariel, as she claimed her daughter Magali Nettar Inala, not the child of a marriage with her ex-husband, Ferry 'ME' Iskandar. At that time, the mystery of the birth father Magali had been controversial, especially when it states that the birth father Ferry Magali is 'more famous singer at that time'. Crisscrossing the news finally answered the Early and Ariel by holding a press conference in 2005, and both denied having a special relationship, let alone pregnant Andhara. Ariel and Andhara Indosiar Party met at the event (around 2002), and at Peter's new rising star and the star guests, while the Early become presenternya. But Ariel is recognized there was no special relationship between himself and the woman who became Indonesia's Playboy magazine cover.

Sexy actress and singer Bunga Citra Lestari also been rumored to be close to Ariel. In June 2007, BCL and Ariel spotted together at the Senayan City street. Yet when it was still the status of Sarah's husband Ariel, while the BCL was not yet a relationship with actor Malaysia Assraf Sinclair. And rumors soon develop if there is a special relationship between the two, although in the end the gossip in between them gradually disappear.

Ariel also had reportedly close to Aura Kasih, and this proximity led to gossip with the feud between the Aura Luna Maya in January 2009 ago. At that Aura and Luna are close to Ariel and coincidentally both are starring in the same movie, romance TWO DIANA. Gossip is a fight of two beautiful women because Ariel had gradually disappeared, along with a silent action and Aura Luna, who declined to comment further about their relationship with Ariel.

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