Saturday, May 8, 2010

Donita Beautiful Indonesian Actress Sinetron

Donita has a full name Noni Anissa ramadhani, born in Bandung, West Java, 14 February 1989. He is known as a model, sinetron stars, and the big screen.

Stars who had been the model of ad Shampoo Zinc, Tessa tissue that had a number of star sinetron, among SUMPAH GUE SAYANG LO, MAKIN SAYANG, DEWA ASMARA
Also LOVE FTV star 100% and I HAD BOYFRIENDS WHEN it began its action on the big screen in 2007, through Suster Ngesot horror film. A year later, Donita played supporting roles in films bestfriend? (2008)
Donita had Pesinetron affair with Randy Velasquez. They played together in the soap opera Love FITRI. But the couple relationship is different from the religion did not last long. They separated in August 2008.

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