Friday, May 21, 2010

Dwi Putrantiwi Telanjang in Film "Tali Darah Perawan"

Dwi Putrantiwi "Tali Darah Perawan"
Tali Darah Perawan Player's: Jonas Brothers, Ibnu Jamil, Ramon Y. Tungka, Dwi Putrantiwi, ZoRa Vidyanata, Catherine Wilson
This film about a triangle love story involving two brothers, Nino (Ramon Y. Tungka) and Aldo (Ibnu Jamil). Nino is a young man who is not gregarious. He preferred to incarcerate themselves in a room and surfing the internet.
Are very different with his brother Aldo. Aldo modis and very sociable. Not surprisingly, Aldo easy girls menggaet of interest.Not dinyana, Nino was also a strange love Virnie (Jonas Brothers), Aldo lovers. Even often tout Nino and Aldo Virnie time in their home court. Until finally Nino intend subduct Virnie's own siblings.

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