Sunday, May 9, 2010

Cut Tari Seksi Gossip Presenter

Cut Tari or full Anasya Cut Tari Aminah, known as a presenter, actress, soap operas and the big screen. Women born in Jakarta, November 1, 1977, had a blood descendant of Aceh from his father, Teuku Joesransjah. Women are also familiarly called this Ully, started his career in the world of the artist from Cover Girl 1991 elections. Starting from that, his chance to star in an ad then a number of products, including cosmetics and Pixy Belia teenager in 1993. Meanwhile, acting debut in the world when it became a soap opera star comedy guest on the invitation DONGENG LANGIT star comedian, Harry De Fretes. Then continues to appear in soap operas offer SISI-SISI DUNIA (1993) with a role as a maid. Until now the wife of Johannes Joseph Subrata, has starred in many soap operas, where the dominant role as an antagonist and fierce. Sinetron-sinetron are including, TRAVEL, JASMINE, I pray my hopes, BLUE CAFE, DEWI FORTUNA, LAMENT stepchildren and flattered. Wedding Dance by Joseph conducted in 2004 with the increasingly crowded with the presence of a daughter. Beautiful baby named Joseph Sidney Azkassyah a Caesarean birth in a hospital in Jakarta on October 10, 2007. After becoming a mother, dance was still active in the entertainment world, but not as active first. Now he more often appeared as a presenter at various events, such as INSERT hosted gossip. In their work as a presenter infotainment, dance became champion in the arena Panasonic Awards in 12 categories Presenter Infotainment.