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Together with the Moge parked Sport .... Ninja 250R-maluin not ashamed;) June 4, 2008 Posted by Taufik in 2 Another wheel, Ninja 250R.

Two thumbs for the Kawasaki Heavy Industries engineers who was really had to re-make Line Up Ninja 250R / EX250R became a lightweight sport bike that can steal the World permotoran. KHI to summon the courage Gambling Body Bongsor figure that if at first glance its dimensions are so-Beda Beda ipis / BETI / or ... 11-12. something with moge-moge notabenenya sport above engine capacity.

GSXR1000 '07-'08 Ninja 250R, YZF-R6 '06-'07 Ninja 650R

In the picture above looks Images bereng motor sport celebrities;) from the Left-Right: Suzuki GSXR1000 Kawasaki In '07-'08 Ninja 250R Year-Yamaha YZF-R6 Year '06-Kawasaki Ninja 650R In '07 there was no visible difference significantly from the dimensions when viewed from the front. The following opinion jakarta bro sratumarga of this fact: "actually there are a few tricks this n250r applied, one front fork is painted black to make dof .. like his fork dimensions bigger and muscular bersainglah .. still with the model upside down .. YZF look at the silver chrome applications is still a bit ga ... yes ... the second matching n250r sdh ngikutin motor trend 2008 to apply a short tail and a slim ... such YZF, ZX10, ZX 6, CBR 600 ... krn trend of short tail was introduced in the arena of moto gp ... mnurut so I forward the trend of short and slender tails will boom .. especially for local modifikator .... n250r ngambil third lines ZX 10 design, so that passing such a motor with larger cc's dimensions as well ... ga how far the 600 cc class kok ... and the last, small but I'm quite tricky mnurut ie .. eliminate kawasaki decals (stickers) symbol on the tail 250r .. the goal is to first impression people will ask how many cc is the motor yes, what 400 .. 600 cc most ga imagine that this new motor .. 250cc again or didekatin reply dijejer with original 600c, she realized that this was going under 400cc motorcycle .... "

Parked together YZF R1

Observant enough testimony from sratumarga bro. I also included the brothers of opinion agrees that led the city fathers of this Nurmahmudi front tire that use similar size / not much different from the four motors above also contributed greatly to the initial Impression of Ninja 250R. New rear tire if you look there is little difference because usually Moge moge sport above-400CC Standard tires are wearing big enough, with a size of over 150. Indeed Power to Weight Ratio is a small price must be paid The Ninja 250R Voters who gambot due to this body, especially when compared with the Ducati 848 has a power of more than 100 horse power over the Ninja 250R (138 df) but with weights only 16 kg heavier than Ninja 250R.