Monday, January 25, 2010

Motor Gede (moge) type of artificial sport MV Agusta was launched in small quantities (limited) and labeled F4CC.

Belantika motorcycle market in the world as well as in her own home (Italy), MV Agusta losing competitiveness with Ducati, Aprilia and Piaggio scooter type.

But in the arena's most prestigious motor racing, the Grand Prix Motorcycle, MV Agusta carve spectacular achievements in the three classes. Starting lowest class 125 cc, Agusta became world champion five times the manufacturer that donated drivers on Ubbiali C. 1991, 1955-1956 continued in 1958 until 1960. Greatness Ubbiali also shown in 250 cc class in the era of the 1950s, also with Agusta.

Greatness Agusta engine is also barks at the top of the class 500 cc Grand Prix (now MotoGP). With a gush Agusta, Giacomo Agustini hold the title of world champion 9 times in a row (1966-1974).

Remarkably again, the Italian was at the same time (just not many) also doubles title in the 350 cc class. Before the Agustini, Agusta was rampant in the classroom through a 500 cc racer Mike Hailwood (world champion 1962-1965) and J. Surtees of England (1958-1960).

Well, attendance was none other F4CC to commemorate the achievements and glory in the Agusta 500 cc Grand Prix. Interestingly, moge made of 100 units is an elegant intrinsic objects, and done manually with great caution because the use of expensive materials.

Behind the fairing F4CC tersimpang-4 cylinder engine, just not mentioned capacity. Want to know how much energy maximum? MV Agusta claimed 200 hp with a maximum speed of 312 km / hour (195 miles). And the famous actor Bruce Wayne never rode F4 starring in the movie, The Dark Knight.

This motor uses titanium racing exhaust racing exhaust and a carbon fiber body with a touch of titanium mesh inlet produces a motor with a cool appearance and racing really. Boxer Twin very mild.

Harley Davidson is interested to buy this Italian motorcycle company. The news circulated, HD has prepared a budget of Rp 1.03 trillion. This tactic is no other HD to pave the way marketing in Europe, as well as boosting this year marketnya is decreased.