Saturday, August 22, 2009

Less good Minerva 250R

Models do a lot of people say, keren banged! Let's see closer detail design bersatunya around the fairing with the frame and engine in the motor 250R is Minerva.

On the motor sport in 2000 a generation, fairing attached to the frame with no gap at all. This is usually because the fairing to fairing on the buckling into the frame, such as the Ninja 250R or Honda CBR 150. In motor sport is more like an old Kawasaki KRR, fairing still can be regarded simply rapih. Although not in the fairing buckling in, still have plastic covering the frame and fairing, rapih!

Not the Minerva 250, the distance is kept open as such, so there is precisely such a lack of air-calculation between the fairing and frame. Same with the light behind or under the Speedo, we can see directly through to the back of the light! waduh, wiriness reflector, cable-cord plasticity directly aja also!

Go to the bottom of the fairing, with the engine ... here is odd, usually there is always a distance of 3-4 cm between the goods fairing with the engine, such as the Minerva nempel plek! waduh-waduh dibenerin what more can ya?