Saturday, August 1, 2009

Honda New Tiger, The Revolution Cruiser

HNew Tiger, The Evolution Cruiser, if I see from the picture I get, they have a difference compared to the light Cruiser Honda Tiger Revolution which was also the New details of the head lamp or lamps in the main by using asymmetric 2 fruit bulb shrouder and a more concise and trim, add a dynamic impression of the New Tiger, The Evolution Cruiser. Shrouder is the extra edge on the front of the tank bbm installed on the left and right, in addition to the display as a sweetener and aerodynamics penambah also serves to drain off the air conditioner as a 4-step OHC engine 196.9cc

New Tiger, The Evolution Cruiser, available in 5 colors and striping options, namely Dominate Gray, evolve Black, Magma Red, Magnificent Black and Blue Reign. Looks like the latest Honda motor output does not provide this type of wheel and spoke only to provide the type cast wheel, as it may see the market demand from Honda Cruiser Tiger Revolution that many requests from abundant type cast wheel, even willing buyers for the queuing to get it from having to obtain the type spoke wheel. If the view of the price difference between spoke Wheel (SW) and Cast Wheel (CW) and the additional facilities which are owned by the type Cast Wheel, of course, far better to choose the type of system where Cast Wheel Suspensi, the rear brake disc and have been using racing velg calculated that if the items fall will be more expensive if purchased in a separate package.

The New Honda Tiger Revolution Cruiser

Honda previous habits such as when removing the new product, New Tiger, The Evolution Cruiser also does not change much from the preceding and the many comments that this is just "change clothes", without much change in meaning. From the PT. Astra Honda asked why does not the New Tiger launched with 250cc engines, said that if the diplomatis Tiger 250cc engine uses the price offered will be much more expensive. If the review of prices, have clearly increased the engine capacity will also affect the price, but at this point can be said that in the development of the automotive world, particularly motor sport, Honda in particular has been lagging compared to Tiger with the competitors.