Thursday, July 16, 2009

Yamaha paper motorcycle models

Yamaha paper MotoGP racerWant your own 50th anniversary edition of the Yamaha MotoGP bike? Yamaha will give you one, sort of, at the Yamaha papercraft site. You can download a paper foldup model and build it yourself. Want a V-Max or an R1? You can have one. These look very cool. You might figure those folks from the land of origami might come up with something like this. You need the free Adobe Acrobat reader to open the files. They come in either white or color versions and there are many pages of parts to download and fold. Complete assembly instructions are available as well, obviously, because this isn’t your average wrench and screwdriver project. I am definitely going to get one of these.

It seems these have been around for a while but they’re new to me.

via BoingBoing where they pointed to paper animals but I had to follow the link when it said Yamaha Motors

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