Thursday, July 16, 2009

Roehr 1250sc – 180 HP Supercharged V-Twin

Roehr 1250sc 180 hp supercharged V-Twin motorcycle

The Roehr 1250sc pre production prototype has been completed and plans are to begin production late this year. The bike is powered by a 180 hp supercharged Harley Davidson Revolution engine. This should be one extremely interesting motorcycle. I like the looks and I really like the blown Revolution engine. Final price has not been set.

Let’s see, a 180 hp supercharged American made V-Twin sportbike. Yep, I like it!

Press release:

06 May 2008, Gurnee, IL. USA. Roehr Motorcycles LLC is pleased to announce the completion of the pre-production Roehr 1250sc. The company is now working towards production commencing this Fall.

The 1250sc is powered by a specially developed 180hp, supercharged version of the Harley-Davidson* Revolution* engine, making the Roehr 1250sc the fastest and most powerful sport bike built in America.

European flair and American muscle are combined with the highest quality cycle components from world class companies such as Ohlins, Marchesini, Brembo, Akropovic and Pirelli. These components combined with the unique Roehr Bi-Metal composite beam frame contribute to the machines outstanding handling manners, offering quick precise steering response with confidence inspiring stability and rider feedback.

The Roehr 1250sc is proudly hand crafted in the USA and will be available in limited numbers. Final pricing to be announced when determined. Roehr Motorcycles is now accepting orders to reserve this exclusive machine as well as offering dealership opportunities.

More photos below:

Roehr 1250sc 180 hp supercharged V-Twin motorcycle

Roehr 1250sc 180 hp supercharged V-Twin motorcycle

Roehr 1250sc 180 hp supercharged V-Twin motorcycle


The following closeup is shown only to dispel the idea these photos are renderings. An engineer working on the Roehr 1250sc pointed out in a comment below this loose fastener you can only see in extreme closeups, something caught after the photo was taken.

Closeup of loose fastener

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