Monday, June 15, 2009


Jakarta - Minerva Motor Indonesia (MMI), the quiet has launched variants of the newest types of sport. This is known detikOto in a shopping center in the area of Lebak Bulus, last week.

Striping of the legible, written Minerva R200, which means that with a 200 cc engine.

Sporty design, with full body fairing. The front appears to taper out. Similarly, the stern, when the note, still resembles buttocks CBR 150, with only spakboard different.

When confirmed on the Minerva through its Marketing Manager, Eddy Susanto, recognizes this.

"Yes, it is a new variant," he said when contacted detikOto, Monday, (8/6/2009).

In addition, to Edy, Minerva is not akan melaunch variants sport in this large-scale.

Minerva R200 on the engines already use Balancer shaft. So that the engine vibration during disrupt this, can be muted.

For the price, Minerva offer price of Rp 17.9 million On The Road. How, interested?

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