Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Leon Camier (Airwaves Yamaha) scored another double win from pole position at Snetterton BSB. With Steve Plater winning in supersport for HM Plant Hon

Leon Camier Yamaha 2009 BSB

It's not that the racing was dull, but it was predictable. We could run an official press release, but our mole lurking around the back of the garages at Snetterton claims that he heard this de-brief between pole position man and double race winner Leon Camier (Airwaves Yamaha) and his chief tech after the race.

"Well... that was pretty easy. Obviously I wouldn't say that to that guy with the microphone or the telly people, but, fuck me, what's going on? What are the rest of the them doing? The bike is working fine and the tyres were OK, but we weren't the fastest bike down the straight and those wankers still couldn't beat me...(laughs a bit)...still...fair play, they had a go.

I got my usual not brilliant start, caught up with little Stewey (we think he means Easton rather than the Family Guy character), then pissed off past him and waited to see if anything would happen. But it didn't. I actually thought about slowing up a bit to see if I could have a bit of a play, but I knew Colin (Wright) would blow a fuse and I'd get a bollocking if I did that, so I just kept counting off the laps. Where did James (Ellison) finish by the way?"

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