Monday, November 29, 2010

Astrid Tiar Atress Model Indonesia

Astrid Tiar Yosephine Nasution (born in Jakarta, 12 July 1986) is actress of Indonesia have tall 169 cm. Astrid starting her career as model GADIS cover in 2000. She famous when staring sinetron title such as : Atas Nama Cinta, Atas Pusing Bawah Pening, Tangisan Anak Tiri, Buruan Sayang Gue, Topeng, and Ajari Aku Cinta.Types of underwear worn by both men and women are identified as bikini underwear, similar in size and revealing nature to the bottom half of a bikini bathing suit. For women, bikini underwear can refer to virtually any tight, skimpy, or revealing undergarment that provides less coverage to the midsection than traditional underwear, panties or knickers. For men, a bikini is a type of undergarment that is smaller and more revealing than men's briefs.