Monday, October 4, 2010

5 Bidadari Plagiat South Korean Girl Group Wonder Girls

If someone ask me like That I'll answer "Of Course Wonder Girls". yahyah ... I guess it's the most stupid question in the world. Wonder Girls on 5 coolest of Apsara. when tau is plagiarism of Wonder Girls ane can only shake his head. Sinetron Indonesia dah shucks Udah Plagiat of several Drama Korean and Taiwan, uh Now comes also in Plagiat. and most sebalnya for mercy soon Wonder Girls will tour concert in Indonesia, if they see this what they say then??

what the 5th Angel was not afraid in demand by Party JYPE? Wonder Girls told you inspired, but pliss deh Wonder Girls performances that you really, actually I do not want a lot of comment but right see MV 5 Apsara make growled.
Opening early in their dance was similar to the WG Opening SoHot next trus Nobody from the WG really well. WG and settings you also really, from clothing, mix, dance OH GOD ... ....

even now they make a plea that I think rada strange, they upload a video of Supreme come on the 60s era WG indeed they are 60's inspired dress but not the dance. whereas 5 nymph-like super duper ...
I'm actually not a problem to 5 Weak but you can not to find his own style, OK if you want grooming era that much but do not dance and stage action dunks, the same really with the WG. and also less Yahut angel Vocal 5. Messages Improve Vocal only once and find another dance that is not similar to the WG. Okay you inspired WG but why should it resemble sihh? it's called plagiarism is not ....? Vokalku although less good, but as music fans worldwide donk I also can assess which ones have good sound and not.