Sunday, November 8, 2009

Yamaha Motor Race Show Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo

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Monday, 8/12/2008 | 00:09 pm
JAKARTA, SUNDAY - For a huge fan of Valentino Rossi who was curious to know the greatness Yamaha M1, no need to daydream to imagine parts per part of The Doctor's steed. Quickly came to the JCC, kepenasaran passion or what shape you like and contents of the Yamaha R1 could terlampiaskan.

Because of Yamaha booth motogp displayed two of the Fiat-Yamaha team owned by The Doctor - nicknamed Rossi - and his team mate, Jorge Lorenzo. In fact, Lorenzo was in the exhibition conference fans to this day only. But, the Yamaha M1 motorcycle that will be seen from ^ December to 14 December 2008.

Vice President of PT Yamaha Motor Kencana
Indonesia, Ir. Becky Dyonisius MM explained to reporters and some guests at the opening of booths that present Yamaha motors who have produced, built up until the concept is still

What's interesting about all this garputala products, the two motors sporrt concept future generations. Like S3 + is a combination that seems organic framework with the sharpness of the exterior. Stay with automatic transmission. Reportedly, this Suzuki concept bike competitors SD 01 `and 02 are ready to be produced.

Still sports racing model, seen from the figure of Yamaha V-II, whose position bersebrangan with S3 +. interestingly, the concept behind it, the motor with different models. Like the S3 + haunted by the Yamaha T-Max scooter model of large, medium V-II, escorted by a Yamaha R1.

Uniquely, moge Yamaha V-Max just behind diumpatkan under the stairs along with the V-Ixion who had split. So that visitors can see the start of contents sokbreker until the engine innards.

Are two Yamaha M1 motorcycle racing as a visitor magnet placed on the front and two modifications of the nation's children. Motor behind Rossi piled new ZR Vega, which was launched yesterday (6 / 12).

Outside the hall, Yamaha make a stage musical entertainment arena together with the local style free trial bike and equipment show. For the latter, the audience were entertained by tinomendi brothers with crawling in the half pipe (like a bike game).